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telling which load is good?

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I just got into shotgunning and reloading about 4 or 5 months ago and you know how new reloaders are. I went by the lymans book and info from powder makers,but I was excited and loaded up every combination you can imagine with 7 1/2,8,9 with federal,winAA,remsts,1oz,1 1/8,so when I shoot say,skeet,I have no way of telling which is a good load or a bad one(which I should dump). I marked each box,but get the shells mixed up when I put them in my carrier.I have no place to pattern them,unless the range has a place for me to do that.I haven't thought to ask them until right now.I have loads of every kind,but think I have settled on this one.1oz#8mag,rem sts hulls,win209 primers,red dot 17 grains,or maybe 17 grains clays.Should I shoot 1 round at the pattern board with each choke and 1 round with each load? or just unload them all and start from scratch? thanks. please e-mail me so I can find out faster. thanks very much. sj

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