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Texas reloaders

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Been looking on Ebay there seems to be a number of Texas Reloaders They still around?? Looks like a pretty nice loader, keep wondering if this wouldn't be a bad machine to have! of course, if you cant get parts..... Anyway hope to hear from someone with pearls of wisdom...

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Texan loaders are no longer made. You might have a problem with parts and such. Look on ebay for used mec loaders they are really easy to use and parts are readily available. E-mail me at [email protected] I have a few used Mec 600jr's for sale in both 20 and 12, I might be selling a 28 also.
Thanx! Already have a MEC JR. Had never seen nor heard of the Texan looks like it was a well made reloader.. Thanx again appreciate the response...
Anyone have a 16ga index plate for a M IV Texan they want to sell or trade for a 12ga index plate?
I'm looking to change my 12ga MIV over to 16ga and needs some parts. So I need the change over parts as well.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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