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The new Sigarms Rizzini 28 ga came!

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I got the new 28 ga Rizzini made Sigarms shotgun the other day. It sure is a nice little shotgun. Very nice wood and fit and finish for the money! Shoots well too! But It does have one major problem and as such I will probably send it to the Sigarms service dept. The danged barrel selector doesn't work and sometimes when the bottom barrel is first it won't fire at all, and most times if it does fire with the bottom barrel selected as first it fires the top barrel first instead and then the bottom barrel won't fire either. Select the top first and everything works just fine. I removed the stock and took a look at the safety and inertia block and the sears and sure enough the inertia block isn't triping the bottom sear correctly. Usually just slipping off the bottom sear between the two sears with nothing happening at all! I'm a bit dissapointed that this new gun is not fit any better than this in the lock, but I suppose I'll just have to give the SIGarms service dept. a chance? Probably not untill after hunting season though! I can live with the top barrel first if I have to, but, for what these things cost, I shouldn't have to! Worst part is I have to pay to ship it back to get it fixed! Oh well! Seems like everything I buy anymore is a reject or something. Shotguns, vehicles, furniture, computers, you name it! Does everybody have this kind of luck with thier stuff??

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Hey Burntpowder,
Congrats! Sorry to hear about the problems your having. I guess it's good that it happened during the warranty. I wish I had more to cheer you up, but that's it. Let us know how the service department treats you.
Jay Gentry

Thanks for the condolances! :wink:

I'll be sure to let you all know how the service dept. takes care of the glitch. Guess I'll call them tomarrow. They have a warranty return form that I downloaded from thier site, and that already is a step in the right direction. I've heard nothing but good from anyone I've known who had SIG handguns so I assuming they will handle shotguns the same way. It sure is a nice little gun! I guess I said that before, didn't I! I almost ordered one in .410 the same day I got the 28 ga.! I've got to draw a line somewhere though! :wink:

B.P. That's really tough luck. I drooled over the 410 in the same gun; but did not step up to the bar, yet.
Man, that's a bummer. That's one reason why I prefer double triggers on my double guns. Once you get it working though, you'll have a great gun on your hands. I've looked at the Sig's, and they really point nice.
Just an update on service on the SIG/Rizzini. Talked on the phone with the dealer in Wisconsin I got it from and he offered to do whatever it takes to get it functioning correctly. Like he said, "It is a brand new premium quality shotgun for heavens sake, we can't have that!" He said for me to send it back and he would send it back to SIG for repair since he didn't have any more 28 ga. in stock. He offered to take the trigger group out of one of his new .410s and put it in the 28 ga. Told him I didn't think that was the answer, we'd both just have a cobbled up shotgun then! Told him I would just send it back to SIG myself rather than both of us getting shipping in it before it gets to SIG and he said he would pay the shipping from me to SIG, just let him know what it is. I can live with that!! I don't like it, but, that is how the cookie crumbles. Someone has to get the lemon, why not me?? I talked with Ed at SIG and he gave me instructions for return and said repair has been running arround 2 to 3 weeks. Could be worse, I'm told?? Both the dealer and the manufacturer have been very helpfull and appolagetic up to now. Tomarrow I send it off, We'll see what happens? And I was going to use it for the first weekend of pheasant season. Oh well, we don't have any pheasants any way, what do I need a shotgun for?

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I got the 28 and the 410. Both are working fine. Rizzini is in West Chester PA. There is a vast difference in the appearance of the case hardening, some beautiful and some very faded out. These are probably the last ones branded SIG and that may explain some of the problems. Choke tubes are available from Rizzini and some from Briley. Barrels are functionally interchangeable between the two receivers.
Welcome to SGW, sniper1.

But did you have to bring back a 3 year old post to comment on a gun? Why didn't you just do a new post about the Rizzini's.
I was actually looking at the Sig/Rizzini TR-30 in .410 and was reading this post like it was gold. LOL! :lol:

Didn't even realize how old the post was. :shock:

BP, did you ever report what happened after you sent it in for repair. I'd like to know since I'm still considering.

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