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So this kid moves from Texas to California and gets a job under one of those "all under one roof" kinda stores. The manager is interviewing the kid, and asks if he's had any retail experience. "I was a salesman back in Texas for a few years", says the kid. Well, they chat for a while, and the manager starts to like this kid. "Okay, I tell ya what", says the manager, "I'll let you work tomorrow, then after we close, I'll come down and see how you did, and we'll go from there".
Next day, the kid works a full shift, the store closes, and the manager comes down. The manager says "So, how'd ya do? How many sales did you get?". The kid replies, "I got one sale". The manager frowned at this and said, "That's not good.... most of my guys get 30 or 40 sales a day. How much was yours for?". The kid says "$101,349.32". The manager, overcoming his shock, asks the kid what all he sold the guy.
"Well, I started him off with a small fishhook. Then, I fixed him up with a medium fishhok. After that, he needed a large fishhook. Then, he figured he needed a new rod and reel, so I sold that to him, too. I asked him where he was going fishing, and he said he was going down by the coast, so I took him over to the marina and sold him that big twin-engine Bayliner with the trailer. He didn't think his Civic could tow it, so I took him to automotive and sold him that 4X4 Blazer."
The manager asks, "You mean to tell me that he came in here looking for a small fishhook, and you sold him a boat, a trailer, and a truck?"

The kid says, "Naw, he came in looking for tampons for his wife, and I told him his weekend was shot, so he might as well go fishing."
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