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Yesterday was our Corps birthday. 230 years of protecting the great nation of ours. What a mission to be given. And I must say that mission has been carried out with honor.
But let us jarheads not forget our brothers and sisters in all the branches of service who helped us.
Today is Veterns Day. A day to remember and thank all men and women who have served in history with pride and honor. Every person who put on the green or blue uniform did so knowing the risks and danger they might be called upon to deal with. No one turned away when asked.
Some have paid the highest price asked of freedom. They did it willingly. Some paid the price of shedding their blood. They did it with out thought. All paid the price of never being the same.
All through our history, men and women have guarded the wall of freedom from the poor army that first granted us this nation to the sands of our present day war.
Stop and think of those who first became the defenders of freedom. Poor, untrained, poorly equiped, and fighting the most powerful nation in history of their time. They gave to all of us that followed in their footprints a grave and great responsibility of ensureing freedom would never parish from the face of earth. I believe that we have done just that.
Every vet who has served has carried out that mission, from the grunt on the ground to the cook in the mess hall.
The word Vetern should make us swell up in pride that we carried out our mission with honor, pride, and the knowledge that freedom is still the most important thing we own, and we kept it alive on our watch on the wall.
So let us be proud we served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, National Guard, Reserve, Coast Guard and of course my beloved Marine Corps. And let us not forget our new brothers and sisters who have joined the fight in our homeland. Law Enforcement, Firefighter, and EMT. Our home land is more secure with them in the fray.
Thank you to all Veterns this Veterns Day.
God bless and keep you all safe. Semper FI

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Old corps thank you for your post,for on this day.
We should not forget those who have served.
For with out the veterans sacrafices there would be no freedom
To all my veterans out there Thank you,and the sacrifices of there famlies thank you.
Semper Fi.
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