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Thinking about buying Baikal IZH-27 o/u, please help.

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Thinking about buying a Baikal IZH-27 o/u 20 gauge w/3"chamber. I can get it for just over $400 new. An article in Guns & Ammo said to stay away from cheap o/u's with the single trigger and ejectors. This gun has both, is a $400 o/u considered a cheap gun? Is Baikal considered a quality gun? I haven't found much information on them. Any comments would be greatly apprecitated.
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Hey dfw411hd,Baikal doesn't have the quality reputation that even Remington enjoys. However, I've researched some of the Baikals and they seemed to use high grade steel and wood. What I can't say for sure is whether they put those two things together in a reliable way. I would also find out if you can get extra barrels, where do you send it to get it fixed, and does it take third party chokes, etc.Just my two cents.regards,Jay
i'd check out the fausti before the Baikal. from what i've seen they're a better gun. and while they're more expensive, you can get them at walmart for less than a regular dealer........$499. as for chokes and parts, all are available from the traditions website. they appear to be the distributor for the low end fausti line. so if a part ever breaks, you can order it thru them. they even have a parts list with prices on the site.i'm going to walmart this weekend to check one out. i'm also going to check out the beretta whitewing at a local shop first. if i just absolutly love the whitewing i may be willing to drop twice the amount on that. but it's gonna have to be a hell of a lot more desirable than the fausti at more than double the price.if theres a walmart near you i wouldn't hesitate to check them out befor you buy the Baikal. i've heard they're pretty shabby pieces, tho some like them.-dale
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I really liked the Fausti/Traditions too. That's why I was so disappointed to find out that their semi-auto's were not made by Fausti, but by a Turkish outfit. Nothing against the Turkish outfits, but I couldn't find anything out about the guns specs. Traditions didn't seem too proud of them and the Turkish outfit didn't have a website.This doesn't apply to their O/U's, which are really nice.My two cents.regards,Jay
i thought traditions o/u were made by fausti too. but today i saw something that led me to believe otherwise. not for sure, but i'm now suspicious. are you sure theyre made by fausti, and if so, what lead you to believe that?thanks,-dale
This is from their website at course it doesn't say that ALL of their O/U's are Fausti's."About UsOur mission is to make sure that the customer gets the most dependable and reliable product we can offer at a reasonable price. We have created a most desirable line of Muzzleloading products and Sporting Shotguns for the sportsman and outdoor enthusiast. You will find that our Muzzleloading product line is very extensive and covers all areas of the spectrum, from all kinds of In-line and Sidelock rifles and pistols to everything you need in loading, shooting and cleaning accessories (except powder and caps). Recently, we have begun offering a new line of Over & Under and Side-by-Side Shotguns produced by Fausti Stefano of Brescia, Italy. This new, full line of shotguns has all the features of the high-dollar manufacturers at a reasonable price. "Jay
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Jay,yes, i've been there a number of times in the last few days. today i got an email reply from them stating that the walmart gun is a combination of the field 1 and 2. it apparently combines the best of both, as one of them has screw in chokes and the other doesn't.....the walmart gun does. others have told me they've seen them and they look like very good quality guns. so tomorrow i'm taking the hour long drive to the only walmart around here that has one. if the quality seems very good i'll buy it. one good thing about this gun is that the traditions site has a parts list and prices on every little part on the guns. this eliminates one often mentioned problem with buying no-name guns.i do believe that the o/u's are indeed fausti made guns judging from something i saw today. in any case, the fact that there are parts available, and that my research over the lasr 2 weeks has led me to believe these guns are xlnt quality is enough for me to take the drive. i have a gut feeling about this gun. (i just hope i don't have to post after tomorrow letting you know my gut feeling was nothing more than a stomach ache !! LOL)thanks for the help Jay......-Dale
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Jay,looks like it was a stomach ache and not a gut feeling after all ! *S*today i checked out the fausti at walmart and the whitewing. tho the whitewing was too expensive, i looked at it figuring that if i really loved it i'd bite the bullet and buy it.well, comared to the fausti it was indeed a gem. turns out the fausti, at least in my opinion was a cheesy piece. there was no quality at all. so i then went to turners and looked again at the gun that started this desire to get an o/u for me in the 1st place....the silma. i have to tell ya, i immediatly realized that the silma was responsible for my deciding to get an o/u because the quality at that price was great. i then figured i'd look around for a gun that had the features i want at around the same price. after all this gun hunting i came full circle and bought the silma because i realized that there is no other gun in it's price range, or even close with that kind of quality. i feel it's about the same quality as the whitewing but just doesnt have the fancy finish of the whitewing. it wipes the floor with the fausti as far as quality. theres not even a slight doubt about that if you see them both. not even the same league. the fausti is heavy too. the silma was nice and light, and the fit and finish were much better than it's $550 tag would suggest.there is a tradeoff however. the silma has fixed chokes and a non slective trigger. i decided however that i can live w/o those features for what i'll use it for. i only hunt quail or chuckar, and only very seldom. self thrown clays and occasional quail hunting is about all i do, and i probably wont shoot more than 10 boxes a year thru it. i'm just a hacker at shotgunning and don't get deep into it as most of the guys here, so i felt that giving up those features was a small price to pay to be able to purchase a quality o/u that feels and looks great to me and with very good quality. the quality diff between the fausti and the silma was so much that i was willing to pay 50 bucks more, AND sacrifice the chokes and selective trigger that the fausti has. that should give you an idea about just how much difference there is. even to my untrained eye it was painfully obvious. opening the action on each revealed machining and material quality that was far apart.anyone looking for a quality o/u should really look at this gun before you buy anything else. don't be fooled by the online pics. the traditions/fausti looks great online.....probably as good as the silma. they have another one for $150 more that has screw in chokes if you can't live w/o that. no slective trigger on that one either tho. theres probably a model above that one that has it, but then you're probably getting into beretta that i've spent so little on an o/u, i can afford to buy the ruger single six stainless revolver i wanted !!-dale
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I found Silma's website, did you buy the Silma?Thanks!
donald,i got it at turners in california. if you are in the U.S. and want to find one near you, go to the distributor of silma.... the legacy sports site. they have a dealer locator at this address... you aren't in the U.S., maybe you can contact them and ask.-dale
hey dfw411hd, I own a Baikal and i can honestly say i love it!!Ever since i bought it my mossburg 500 has sat in the rack and collected dust. The gun offers many of the same high quality features that american single trigger over unders have at a fraction of the cost. The gun i bought came with 3 choke tubes, Full, Mod, and IC. You can get more tubes through EAA, who imports them from Russia and sells them in the US. the box on them is a little tight compared to other brands but has not posed a problem after i got use to it.I ofers a singal sectable trigger and dual ejector/extractors. I had trouble with my ejectors when i bought it but was able to have the gun shop i bought it at send it in under warranty, after a season of hard grouse hunting, and the gun was repaired and returned promptly. The only other thing i can say is that the blueing is very sensitve to powder solvents, so be sure to take care when cleaning not to get solvent on the outside of the barrel, other wise the chrome lined barrels can handle anything you can throw at them. In short i think its a great fitting, low cost gun with all of the features of more expensive models, that you dont have to be afraid to take hunting.
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I purchased my Baikal o/u last year, I used it for pheasents, ducks, geese, and trap it never once let me down. When I bought it, it came with a full and modified chokes I was a little worried about getting chokes for it but I found that you could order them from Colonial Arms company. But I have yet to need to order anything for it yet. I am really glad that I went the cheap way. I now no that I do like the o/u gun and I didn't have to spend a a lot of money to find that out. I think you will be happy to purchase the Baikal o/u and if you are not they aren't hard to sell I have had many offers for mine but I'm rather set on keeping it.
I have an IZH-27 in .410 and it has proven to be a very reliable shotgun.
dazco,I would like to hear more about the silma.They are an italian gun right? Now that you have had it for a while, how does it handel, and is it durable and accurate. Also where can I find some prices on it.I am in Australia, and am looking to buy a good quality O/U for skeet competitive shooting. I used to fire beretta's a long time ago, but in australia guns are expencive due to our curency being worthless.I was looking at the EAA/Bakil range, but you have put me off those.Any info you can offer me on the silma's would be much appreciated, the more detail the better. Also are there any competitors to the silma's, and do they come close?Cheers,Dylan
Please disregaurd my last post, I am looking at the Verona's now
dfw411hd said:
Thinking about buying a Baikal IZH-27 o/u 20 gauge w/3"chamber. I can get it for just over $400 new. An article in Guns & Ammo said to stay away from cheap o/u's with the single trigger and ejectors. This gun has both, is a $400 o/u considered a cheap gun? Is Baikal considered a quality gun? I haven't found much information on them. Any comments would be greatly apprecitated.
Check out the review of the IZH27 in Februarys issue of Guns & Ammo. It gets a very favorable review. I am looking at a cheap starter gun for Trap shooting & it should cost me about AU$1000 new for the sporting version of th IZH27 which is about the same price for a decent second-hand shotgun over here until I can save up for a Miroku MK10 Trap which run about AU$3000

Wow...this 2 year old thread is active again... :)

<On the third shift filling in and bored>
Yes, some people never learn.
Your right Pumper the lesson is simple. Just look at what the owners of the Baikal write on this board. The guns are great, fun, easy to own, and they recommend them to anyone. Don't know how much easier it could be to learn.
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