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I've personally never shot the Teknys, I've shot a bunch of other Beretta's including this things Brothers and Cousins and have always found Beretta to build a fine shotgun from top to bottom of their line. Usually they are pretty light on the recoil in 20 gauge due to an excellent, fairly easy to clean gas system. For a field grade gun I think these are top of the line and every Teknys I've seen has been at least bordering on beautiful.

If there is a shotgun range in your area, my bet is they probably have one of these in their rentals, if not you can go to the Beretta website or ask your local Beretta dealer when and where in your state the next Manufacturers day will be.

If your local dealer can't help here is there number to Beretta customer service, they will help (800) 636-3420
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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