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I need some help getting some information about an old shotgun I have. It is a side-by-side 12ga. it is marked with "THE INVINCIBLE GUN LONDON FINE DAMASCUS" between the barrels. It also has the name of THOS PARKER on the side. I believe it is about 100 years old.
Could someone please help me find more information about this gun, or an approximate value?

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If this is a hammer gun, there are two possibilities. The 1870 catalog of Powell and Sons, a Cincinnati dealer but the quality of the guns is unknown. H.D. Folsom Arms Co. lists the gun in their 1899 catalog but no mention is made of it's origion. Folsom marketed Crescent and Belgian Clunkers under whatever name the buyer wanted. FWIW, I've never seen a Thomas Parker gun. Just quoting Carder.

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