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My 20 ga A300 Ultima has been very dependable...

When I first got it, I cleaned the shipping grease off and lightly lubed with CLP as per the instructions in the owners manual...and then it was off to the range to see how it would shoot with a variety of loads...

I tried a total of 100 rounds, mixed between Federal, Winchester and Fiocchi loads (7/8 thru 1 oz) with velocity ranging from 1145 to 1200 fps.

The very first two rounds stove-piped and jammed the shell feeding from the magazine...however, the remaining 98 shots were perfect...with strong ejection from the chamber and positive loading from the magazine.

Since then, I have shot around 500 rounds thru the gun both at skeet and while dove hunting...and every pull of the trigger has had the same result...a loud bang followed by the next shell feeding smoothly from the magazine.

I have seen some reports of other Ultima's (mainly 12 gauge) having trigger problems, but Beretta is aware of this and Cole's has been doing a good job of replacing the trigger groups on those with the problem...
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