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To Wingmaster or not?

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So I'm going to be buying a remington 870 shotgun but can't decide weather to get the express or the wingmaster. I will be shooting about 50 rounds a week and probably wont be hunting any time soon. I like the finish on the wingmaster but is it worth the extra money. I know the wood is better but what about the rest of the gun. Thanks
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The Remington express is very similar to the wingmaster, the differences are in the time spent on finishing the gun and the wood quality. You may find little burrs of metal on the express that would never pass the quality control standards for the wingmaster.

If you want a gun that requires less attention yet gets the job done, get the express with the synthetic stock ...

If you want higher quality control and looks ... hands down it is the wingmaster.
My suggestion is to look for a slightly used Wingmaster for sale. Let someone else take the hit on depreciation and you pick up the bargain. If you shop around carefully, you should be able to find a used (but excellent condition) Wingmaster for just slightly more than you'll pay for a new Express. Most people who look at the used Wingmaster won't be able to tell it isn't brand new. I think you'll be far happier that way with what you own and you'll save money too. If you should decide later that you want to sell it, you'll be much more likely to get your money back from a good used Wingmaster that you've taken good care of than from a new Express with similar care.

BTW, when I wanted a Remington 870, that's exactly what I did. So, I practice what I preach. :lol:
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