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Went duck hunting this was a balmy 18 degrees and snow had started falling around 11pm last night...this aint normal stuff for AL as snow was still falling off and on till about 9am. Braved the roads and chased the ducks anyway.Saw several birds, mostly wooducks and mallards. Ended the day with 10 total birds, 3 mallards, 4 woodies, 1gwt, 1bwt, and 1 ringneck. As I was standing in the water at last light, my waders were stiff from the water that had frozen on them above the water line. Anything that had gotten wet from splashing was now covered in ice, ducks stuck to the bottom of the boat, etc. as the temp fell from the high of 23 towards 7-8 for the low this evening.One of the coolist things that we have found is an area being used by 4-500 wood ducks. When we go in waves of 75 or more fly out and then they start to filter back in, coming in singles, pairs, and even groups of 10-15. We have had some woodie decoys and never really used them, well today they went hunting and worked like a charm. One flock of 10 set right down in the spread, so did several singles. Was able to pick and choose perfect shots so as to make for clean kills and easy pickups.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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