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Training Collars

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A bit off topic but what e-collars do people recommend? I'm leaning toward a tri-tronics but I've heard dogtra are also a nice collar (but a bit more expensive from what I can find).
Love to hear good and bad points of each collar.


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I have a Tri-tronics and I love it. Before I got this one I had a two dog from DT Systems. It was ok, but sometimes I had trouble getting it to work. The tri-tronics works great. It has a mile range and you can get them with up to two mile range. I don't know if it will reach a whole mile or not, but I know it will reach a long way. My dogs have never gotten out of range. I have a three dog classic 70. I recommend getting a three dog because if you have this many dogs you will want them. I started out with a one dog, then bought a two dog, them had them made into a three dog. If I would have known what I was going to do I could have just bought a three dog and saved about a hundred dollars. I don't know anything about dogtra, but I highly recommend Tri-tronics. Once you get it you will realize it was worth every dime you spent on it.
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Get a tri-tronics, and don't even look at the innotecs. They won't work on the collars if they break or something goes wrong.

The dogtra is also a respected collar, so i've heard. Don't know about their warranty???

Dogtra has a two year warrenty. I looked and looked and talked and talked then finally bought my 2 dog Dogtra. I used a single dog Tri-tronics hand-me-down for two years and it worked just fine.

My two cents is that Dogtra has a nice mesh of features and useability. Even with the two dog model I am not overcome with buttons. I got the "pager" model so I can use the vibrator to "remind" my GSP's that they are about to get zapped.
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tri-tronics....I have 2 Field 70/s and they are great. They now come in an S series (a better rechargeable battery) which is the way I would go. Either a 70 or even the 50 or 60 model.

Don't go with an Innotek. I had one once and they are JUNK !

I have two TriTronics Multi Sport-2's- the one with the new battery IS better. The range is a bit limited for beagles but I've trained mine to hunt close until they hit a hot track. The tone/ call feature would be nice to have for hunting and basic obedience work.

When I bought the first collars I was told I could buy TriTronics now or buy them later so I don't really have experience with other brands. A friend with GSP's and Labs has a tiny Innotek "Free Spirit" and loves it for basic yard work on younger dogs. But they're also wearing Tritronics in the field.

If you plan on ONLY hunting one dog- get the two dog unit. If you think you MIGHT get a second dog- buy the 3 dog set. I haven't figured out the exact mechanism but dogs can somehow multiply even if they're "fixed".

The video is good too.

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I have a DT pro series and love it, very solid and reliable. Its also made locally here in the DFW area...
SportDog training collars. I believe the SportDog company was started by a former Dogtra electronics whiz. They're a new brand, but I've heard no complaints about them. Even the most general model can be optionally expanded to two collars (same remote), and they're backed up by a lifetime warranty. Also, the transmitter is powered by a standard 9v battery, and the receiver battery is a rechargable, replaceable NiMH. I used to work in RadioShack, and I can't tell you how many guys came in looking for a battery to fit their TriTronics systems. I looked it up, and I'm pretty sure you can only get those batteries from TriTronics, which makes it a pain in the arse if they ever suddenly go out.
I recommend staying away from e-collars. There may be need for them but many a dog has been trained with patience and a check cord.

I don't see why Kent is so down on e-collars. All you have to do is learn how to use one the right way, preferreably from a pro trainer or a very knowledgeable amateur. The collar in and of itself is not a cruel way to train dogs, any type of dog training tool can be used cruelly. Used right they are very efficient. I also like the Tri-tronics collar.
Hughes said:
...many a dog has been trained with patience and a check cord.

Very true and they still can be. I've seen a few excellent dogs that never had an ecollar on them. I've also seen a couple dogs that were so abused by the hamfisted misuse of a training collar they would just lay on their bellies when you put one on them. I know where Kent is coming from.

My best dog was a deer runner and was in the pound for that reason (and the heart worms- but thats another story). He doesn't run deer now. I mentioned the TT video as an afterthought but it is as important as the collars. Help from someone with ecollar experience is also invaluble.

JW I'm not down on them. If a person wants to use one that is fine with me. I just believe most dogs can be trained effectively without using an e-collar. My new pup will be trained with a check cord.

The 1st thing a person "should" do is train their dog with a check cord before training with a e-collar. All the basic commands should be down perfect before an e-collar is introduced to a dog. I use a e-collar for safety of the dog for a little extra control if ever needed. And now have my dogs trained on hand signals and the use of a e-collar. With setting set low, I use the e-collar to get their attention and then a hand signal to tell them what I want to do. Rarely while hunting any more do I use voice commands with the dogs in the field. With proper training and patience and e-collar can be a very useful tool in the field. Its a hell of alot better than those damn whistles some of these guys blow. Sometimes that all you hear...... whistle, whistle, whistle. You might as well start shooting in the air and let all the birds know your there when yelling and whisling all day long. Quiet and effeicant is the way I perfer to hunt. And a e-collar with hand signals allows the dogs and I to get right on top of late season, educated birds.

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DT collars are made in Korea, thats why I switched from DT to Tri- Tronics.
Here is what I found on the DT website. It does not state manufactured in DFW, but it does not say Korea either. Can you show us where you found out that its made in Korea?

DT Website

Quote from website:D.T. Systems, Inc. is the second oldest manufacturer of electronic dog training collars in the world. D.T. Systems has been building the world's finest, most advanced and affordable electronic training collars since 1983. With our corporate office, service center and shipping facility located in Dallas, Texas for over 18 years, D.T. Systems and its staff is always dedicated to quality, innovation and service.
I have a DT-77 and its right on the case-Made in Korea!
I love the collar and had no problems with it,I just needed to upgrade to a 2 dog unit. When I compared DT and Tri Tronics, TT won only because of being made in the USA- not for performance issues. If DT made the 77 in a 2 dog unit I would have bought that. That was the best unit ever made in my opinion. 6 settings and one button-simplicty at its finest.
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