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Trap - desired fps, and PSI / LUP

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What's everyone's opinion what I should be pushing for shooting trap? The data for load I have historically been using suggests I'm running 1200fps and 8300psi. I recently started using a heavier load that is 1255fps and 10,500psi. I don't know whether it's in my head or not, but I definitely shot better. What FPS and PSI would you be looking for in your trap load?

Since I recently started expirementing with different loads, I decided to switch to Hodgon Clays from Red Dot. The pressure data on their site is mostly in LUP's. I understand that there is no conversion from PSI to LUP. So, what LUP should I be looking for?
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Registered trap limits fps at 1200 for registered targets, so there is no reason to get used to shooting faster loads if you plan on shooting any registered targets. You would only be working against yourself
LUP should be held below 10,000, by a large margin, as that is almost the upper limit on 12 ga. guns. The lower you can keep your LUP of your loads, the less recoil you will have to contend with in your loads
I like to keep my LUP under 8000 in my 1 1/8 oz loads, and try to stay under 7500 LUP in my 1 oz loads.


So, can someone explain to me the difference between a load that runs 1125fps at 10,000psi and another load that runs 1235fps at 10,000psi? Why would I choose a slower load at the same PSI?

Well, maybe because 1200 fps IS the limit and YOU have good patterns with the powder that gives you the 1125. Or, maybe you should look for a different powder. Normaly in load selection you will want the fastest speed with the lowest pressure, but, considering all the different powders, wads, hulls and the prices thereof, a few hundred psi/lup and still achieving the fps you desire is no big deal. One can get a bit too anal about all that! If you find a good load and it is in a pressure curve/range that is acceptable for the chambering, use it! I've not found all that much difference in recoil, but I'm a pretty solidly built fellow and don't shoot many thousands of rounds a year or 500 or more in a day's time. If that were different so may be my load selection? I really don't worry too much about whether I'm running 8200 psi or 9200 psi or 7800 psi for that matter. If I get the performance I'm looking for and the price is right, I use it!

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My advice is to forget about pressure as far as selecting a load. Pressure is only a concern as long as it's below the safe limit for the gun and high enough for complete and proper combustion of the powder. Also, most semi auto guns need at least 7,000 psi to operate the gun.

Pressure has nothing to do with recoil either. Just find you a load that you like at a velocity that is suitable to you and go with it. As long as the pressure for that load is safe and sufficient for a complete powder burn, forget about the pressure. If the load is listed in a powder manufacturer's manual, you can be sure that it is safe and that it probably is also suffient for complete powder burn under most conditions (temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, elevation, etc.).
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