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I've been lookin for a good shootin forum for a while so I'll probably be here pretty regular now, as I love trap shootin. Just figured I'd tell you guys about my gun I got just a bit ago. A few months ago I was seriously in the market for gettin me a new trap gun, since I felt that my old field grade, satin finish 1100 was holdin me back a little in the trap area. I looked for I don't know how long and finally somethin came up. One of my dad's friends knew an old man who used to own a gun store way back 20 or 30 years ago, and said that that guy had a gun he figured I'd like pretty well. It just so happened that back when that guy closed his store however long ago it was, he took every new gun in his store and stacked them all (in boxes, never opened) in an empty bedroom in his house. One of those guns just happened to be a 1972 BT99 with a 34" barrel and improved modified choke. I jumped on that like a fly on a dog's ***, and personally think I got the best gun I could've. :D The only problem I have with the gun is that, where it had been sittin in the plastic with all that packing grease for so long without being touched, the white sight beads on it have a kind of yellowish tint now and the recoil pad has hardened up a little bit (just enough to let the recoil start gettin to me after about 50 rouns). Nothing that can't be easily fixed or replaced without harming the gun, though.

Anyways, I just turned 16 and I've been shootin for about 5 years now, keepin my scores right in the high teens/ low 20's for the past few years (never a 25, though), and last saturday I went to the state 4-H shoot and broke my first perfect round with the BT. Sorry if I seem to be braggin to you guys, but I couldn't be any happier with my shootin and that gun right now.
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Congratulations on your fine shooting. The BT99 is a very fine gun. Welcome to ShotgunWorld. :lol:
That's quite a find. You can't go wrong with a BT-99.
....where did you say that old guy lived?.......

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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