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4ten said:
Do any of you trapshooters think that an inconsistent machine hurts your score?

The reason I ask is because I'm seeing a pattern of misses at our club. We have one trap machine. Sometimes we set it to throw doubles. When you do this you must change spring tension and sometimes align the angles between the stakes.

I am wondering if every time it gets switched back to singles it is no longer the same.

I don't shoot more than once a week, and most of the people I shoot with don't either. But over the past year I keep seeing patterns. We may go a month where all of us shoot 23-25 on every round. Then all of a sudden the bottom falls out.

We shoot Scrap(27yd. skeet on the trap machine) every week for fun. Last month four of us would be nearly even for a whole game. This week some guys would fire up to ten shells on one station(guys that seldom miss), and the wind was light! On trap singles we were dropping 4-6 targets, and one of these guys shoots mostly 25s.

Maybe someone with more experience needs to set the trap.
Like the other posters mentioned, there are ways to check to see if the trap is set correctly. And if it is off so much that it would make scores drop, you'd see that it wasn't throwing right.

How's the weather been on those months that scores drop?

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