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THE TRAPSHOOTER PRAYER For The Earthly Life"Dear Lord, I have lived my life in a circle of circumstances which keep repeating themselves, a negative upon a negative, a problem upon a problem creating frustration in my life. This repetition is created by the way I think, negative and wrong thinking creating a total disregard to my true inherent abilities. For as I think I will be. I believe there are invisible powers thriving throughout the universe. I feel the power of gravity, I see the miracle of trees to the diversity of life and the abundance of it all. I see these miracles for what they are and I now believe the life-force, the Lord, who has given life to all is giving power to now act in my daily life. In a small way right now, but getting stronger day-by-day. My old life is leaving me as I enter my new world of opportunity. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain to simply believe good things are now happening to me regardless how bad my current life situation appears. It's my simple faith in action. My trap shooting scores were not very impressive, but not anymore. My scores are rising, I Am getting better, and I Am hitting the targets harder and more accurately than I ever had before. Despite the evidence of what I have seen in my past and in my present situation, I will dare to believe that all negetivity I see is a lie. What negetive I am seeing is a product of my own thoughts which have become reality, and my thoughts of disbelief in my abilities and good have created a belief in a misconception of the truth that the Lord shall set me free. I will dare to believe that by my expecting good to come upon me I will produce powerful results in my life and good will come. I can, with my thought alone, produce the direct opposite result. From this day forward my life is new and I await the good to arrive today. I will put forth this effort to my best ability. Seek and I shall find. I already notice a change, I can't place my finger on it or explain, but I know something good is beginning to happen today, tomorrow, next week, next month... it's all getting better! Yesterday ended today. I believe I can believe. Those targets are now mine... thank you, Lord!" James Russell A TRAPSHOOTER'S PRAYER For the Heavenly Life What a grand day it is. The sky is brilliantly sapphire and the sun is angled just right. I can see every detail. "Let's see one" I called and I smokeballed it. Okay, I know I wasn't supposed to take the shot, but I forgot. Simply couldn't hold back. I do make mistakes you know? God only knows how many I've made. Well, those close to me know too, but they forgive me, that I know. Thinking back, gee I sure wasn't perfect, but I tried hard; to be perfect, that is. Who can measure up to that standard? My entire life was one big trap shoot, struggling to be perfectly perfect, but I made mistakes along the way but my friends forgive me, that I know. I see clouds dripping tears. Low and below those are my friends, those who forgave me. I didn't know they cared that much for me! Golly, some of them beat me up pretty bad on the trap lines busting me out of the wins. Ahh, I forgive them, too! It's only a game, a game of intense personal love second only to God and family and friends. Oh alright, you caught me fibbing a bit, but I really did try to put you all first. And if I failed, I know you forgive me and will say a prayer that the Lord will have mercy upon me, for he truly is merciful to those who love him. A wonderful life indeed it was, even with the bumps in the road. I deeply thank you Lord for the opportunity to have met all of these fine folks who are gathered here today to honor me, and I pray the Lord will be with you all. Now I don't know what all this fuss is about. All I did was pass away to a better day. Lord, don't they know that? Don't they know I'm still alive, living in their hearts? Excuse me, I hear a voice "Hey, (name) you're up, lets go or you'll miss the shootoff call!" I am looking down now seeing all my friends' remorse gathering about the old me, "I'm okay. I'm here can't you see? Look up!" I screamed, but they all kept their heads down... something trap shooters are ingrained to do. "Last call for (name) for shootoff" a voice boomed above. I froze, unable to move away. A gentle hand rested on my shoulder, "Come now, let them be. Join me, my friend." The hand of God led me to the traps. "Be perfect as I have made you" the Lord said. I grabbed my shotgun, called for the target and broke it clean into dust. The crowd cheered, I was in heaven! I mean, I am in heaven! As I reloaded, I glanced down and saw my friends below, smiles upon their faces. I know they forgive me for leaving them all, but the Pearly White Grand trap shooting event has beckoned and it's time to play. Sincerely,(name) PS: One more thing before I go. I love you all very much. Your friendship and love made me a true winner in life. Keep the prayers coming folks, God runs some pretty good trap shoots up here and the competition is tough to beat. It's not true all the pros don't go to Hades, many are here in paradise. Talk about perfect shots, St. Peter's really good and he gives lessons, too! Listen, he's calling me now "C'mon (name) the handicap event is starting." That's my new friend, St. James. Forgive me, but I've got to go now. Wish me the best, as I do for you. Keep your head down, but please do look up once in awhile so I know you're thinking of me. See, ya. And cheer up, I'm happy and so should you! By the way, I won the shootoff, too! God bless you all, this prayer is for you! James Russell Fantastic!! Browning, The Best there is because second best is well...second best.
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