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Have shot probably around 7000 rounds through my Córdoba 12Ga.
Have now twice happen that the bolt latch pin ( part no. 022A)comes out of the bolt stop tooth (Part no. 019D). The last part seems to have some play, probably the reason 022A pops out occasionally. 022A fits in a hole of 019D, may be it gets eventually worn out a bit.

Questions are;

Is it easy to remove the trigger assembly ?

is it easy to work on and replace parts in the trigger group assembly?

Would it be wiser to purchase an entire new assembly and be done with it?

How do you determine when to replace the recoil spring?( part no. 054B)

Is the recoil spring easily replaced by yourself or is it a gunsmith job?

I would appreciate some imput of shooters who have dealt with replacing parts in the Benelli.
Thanks guys.
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