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First I would wait on the G2 till 06 let the new models come out so the bugs(if any) get fixed and the charging cradle gets updated.

The tone is a bad feature if you use it for Here (dog could be on point, tracking a bird, etc), a warning (then the dog might get scared cause he knows its coming), used instead of the stimulation.

Its really the 100 of 500 the 200 with 6 con. isn't enough cause you may need to ride the stimulation for a second or two. The momentary is nice for when the dog is trained and you just need that quick reinforcment.

If you have the money go 500, if you need to save some go 100.

But I would wait till the new models/updates come out and if your dog is young as in less then a year it won't matter on the waiting part.
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