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Today after a so so first venture in a scull boat I resorted back to regular tactics for the afternoon hunt.I got well within strike range of a small group of wooducks and watched them do what ducks do, preen, swim, and feed. They had no clue I was in the world and although I could have shot through the brush and wacked them I just watched them. Shortly, after I pushed on from this spot I came to a narrow point and flushed a pair of wooducks and a hen goldeneye. Still no shots from me. Not 30 yards down the shore I flush another pair of birds, the hen is quacking loudly as she takes to the air, there is a drake with a green bill and a dark brown body that is trying to gain altitude and get out over the open water. At about 40 yards I draw up and with one shot he tumbles to the water. This was with my home rolled 2.75", 1-1/8 th oz, #6 Hevishot load. Another great looking black duck drake to go along with one that I already have mounted! There is a fine line between a hobby and insanity.
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