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Try out our new Online Trap Shooting Game

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Try out our new Online Trap Shooting Game at Luck!regards,Jay
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lol, good for those rainy days when one can't get to the range but can't stop his trigger finger from itching
Thanks Alot Jay, Yesturday I was late for work because of the trap shooting game. today I waited until after work before I started.
Hey SxSboy,I feel your pain, man. I had played it several dozen times and thought I was getting better. Then my six year old asked if he could play. Within two rounds he was kicking my butt. I think I will take him to the real Trap range next week. I'll let him shoot my 12ga. (he weighs 47 pounds) with heavy loads. That'll teach him ;) Jay
I hate to admit it but I really suck at that game!!
hehe ya need to soup up your mouse, get an optical one!!
Check out this game. A little clumsy to load shockwave but its worth
Try these shooting games. No trap or skeet, but fun none the less. I gotta say that Monkey Shoot and Gunman are the best ones on this Let the dog hunt the birds, ... you hunt the dog.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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