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Trying to Identify my MEC 600 JR

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5 years ago I aquired a MEC 12 ga shotshell reloader at a garage sale. My first attempt at shotshell reloading lasted one weekend and the loader went into a box till now.
After some encouragement from members on this site to an earlier post, I went out and found the box with my 12 ga reloader. I believe it is a MEC JR 600. I am trying to figure out if it is a Mark 5. I went to the mec site and it is NOT an 82-85 because it does not have the model embossed on the base. It could be a pre 82 or it could be a Mark 5. (I want to download the right instruction book).

Is there an easy way to tell if it is a Mark 5 or not? It is definitely MEC and it is definitely a single stage and it looks like the MEC 600 jr, but it has an automatic (?) primer feeder assembly set up on it too. (The primer feeder is a rectangular flat box with some plumbing attached to it that mechanically activates something somehow).

This is the start of my reloading venture. I don't even have it mounted to anything, I am just trying to figure out what it is. (I know it is 12 ga, I know it is MEC, I know it is NOT progressive, and I THINK it might be a 600 jr Mark 5, but, it could be older than that. Any help would be appreciated. thanks rc
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Sounds like mine - both have the optional primer feed assembly. My two are stamped (faintly, but they're there) with Mark V on the front baseplate.
Hallaleuja, my first reloading problem is solved. Thanks oneounceload. I had just run my hand over the base and did not actually clean the 1/8 inch of dust and accumulated junk off the base. It is indeed a Mark 5. I also found a MEC Sizemaster in the box that I now remember came with the press. I have to keep looking because I think there are a bunch of inserts for the bar that holds the shot and the powder from the bottles. One of the bottles is broken on top so I will need to replace that. I just downloaded the manual from the MEC site. I am waiting for my 28 ga sizemaster to come in, but, might set up the 12 ga loader and see if I can make a shell. I am going to launch another thread asking about components. I have a bunch of stuff (hulls, wads, gas seals, etc) but just want to try to make a first shell that is safe. My next step will have to be doing an inventory to see what I have and what I need. Again, thanks oneounceload. rc
You're welcome - any of the big box like Cabela's, Gander, etc., should have replacement bottles. I would strongly recommend the red plastic PC powder baffle as well. Check the precrimp and final crimps for easy movement and watch that cheap lampchain they use for the primer feed - like a Jaguar, when it's working well, it's great, but when it's not, it drives you nuts.......Personally, both of mine (20 and 28) have the adjustable Universal charge bar so I can fine tune the powder and shot drops. Use your scale to verify the powder dropping - a lot of times they're off a little due to powder consistency or gunk build-up.

Have fun
Your hull will dictate the components you need to have on hand in order to make a safe shell. I would get Lymans 5th edition of shotgun shell reloading. You need a scale as well to double check you powder throws actual weight Vs the posted weight in the bushing chart. Most all of the problems you will encounter are addressed here on this forum. Adjusting the press to work with the hulls you have on hand is what makes it easy to load a shell or a hair pulling, invent new language, frustrating task.
Some hulls of the same type and manufacturer will vary in length so you can be cursing along proud of your perfect shells and then a turd.
I use a penlight to check all of my hulls interiors. I was loading away and got what I figured had to be a double charge since the wad was sticking above the shell after I dropped powder. I pulled the wad and looked into the shell at the powder and discovered a June bug nestled in with the powder charge.
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