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Turkey Choke Sizes

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Q. I see so many different size turkey chokes that I do not know which to get. Do I want to get the tightest choke I can find? Any help would be great...

Which gun?? Take your full choke and see what patterns you get with it...some guns do just fine without, however most do better with an extended tube.

So, 40yds and a 30" circle with a couple of different loads. Nice even pattern is what you want. An extended tube is supposed to help due to a greater cross section or some such....I use a Roy Rhodes extended tube, which is made by Angleport.
I would avoid the HS Strut stuff. You may try a couple of chokes before you get one that patterns they way you want.

The last gobbler had 18 strikes in the bare skin area of the head and neck, that was at about 25yds. I shot a hen much closer and there was only a small piece of skin holding her neck on.

I like the 4x6 duplex loads, but something in 4-6 shot size is what is generally available. Hevi shot is also an awesome load.

There is a custom load that mixes 3 shot sizes together and there are no places in a good pattern for a fly to get through as they add 7.5 in with the 4 and 6 shot.
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