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Turkey loads?

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Anyone got a good turkey load recipe for 2 3/4, 12 gauge shells? SERENITY NOW! OR ELSE!
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What choke constriction do you have? Do you specialize in calling the birds in close? About what range do you want the best performance? best Regards, James
Got a full set of screw in chokes from turkey super full to skeet.I use my trap gun for hunting turks but it only shoots 2 3/4 shells plus the cost of turkey loads is sky high.I want to shoot as many #4's as I can pack in a 2 3/4 shell. So far about the best wad I've found only recomends about an once and a half, maybe 5/8's.Some of the longer mag shells shoot up to 2 onces. I'm looking for some kind of wad that will let me put more shot into these shorter shells. SERENITY NOW! OR ELSE!
Ive loaded some 1 1/2 oz loads in 2 3/4 shells, and it seems like there wouldnt be anymore room for more shot. That slower burning powder is more bulky, and takes more grains to do the job. Can barely fit it all in there as it is..heres my load the Win AA hull, 36.5 gr. HS-7, win209, Rem RP12, 1 1/2 oz. shot, 1260 FPSWhy not use a 3" shell ? more room, more shot.. Chad_E
Thanks. That's pretty much what I'm already using. I just wondered if anyone else had any thing I didn't know about.My gun only holds the smaller shells. SERENITY NOW! OR ELSE!
This is an ounce and a half of #4's on top of a charge of Blue Dot. bushing 171 as recommended in my Lee Load All chart. Felt pretty potent.One shot out of the Mossberg, wide fat and off center, as usuall for Mossbergs.One shot out of my 11-87 trap with the turkey full choke tube. Looks pretty good and right on target.Both these were at 25 yards. These wads say on the package they will hold up to an ounce and seven eights. But I don't have charge data for that heavy a load yet. SERENITY NOW! OR ELSE!
There is a load book offered by Ballistic Products called the Turkey Ranger Data, runs about $3 from them. You might give them a shout and see if they offer a load in that manual that will suit your needs. Another option, but expensive is to contact Nitro and try some of their offerings and then attempt to recreate. They are using BP components, out of the one load that I tried, I did not find a wad, just the parts of the teflon sleeve. I haven't wanted to tear open one of these shells as they run $3 ea. We shot 4 shells, 2 were the Nitro 2.25 oz 3" 4,5,7.5. Found wads from a Remington factory shell and a Nitro Nickle 5's, but none from the other 2. If they used a card or spacer along with the teflon sleeves they would be increasing the volume of the hull by the amount taken up by the shotcup and cushion on the wad.I'm not suggesting anyone try this on their own, but further checking into the Nitro process could get you the extra pellets that you want.
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Jack, that is still not a lot of shot in that turkey head from your 11-87, did you have a super full choke in the Mossberg, because i've seen my friends shoot Mossbergs with super full choke and shoot at those targets from 35 yards and that pattern was as tight as i have ever seen. :| Mossberg12:|
That's with the XX turkey Full choke tube that came with the gun. I did try a Star Bright after market tube. When I opened the package it turned out to be the same constriction as the one I already had. For some reason it was a lot worse than the factory choke so I took it back already.Keep in mind these are only 1.5 ounce loads at 25 yards and your comment is the reason I'm still playing with them. If I can't do better than this I'll just go with factory loads. SERENITY NOW! OR ELSE!
The Mossberg 500 does not come with a XX full turkey load, and your last posts, you said it was a 500. You are confusing me.
I'll look at it again. I'm sure it's a 5oo model. I've read so many choke labels lately I could have gotten that confused. SERENITY NOW! OR ELSE!
Have you tried the same load with smaller shot? At 25-35 yds #6's are going to do everything that needs to be done to a turkey. Generally you will see better patterns with that and your pellet count goes up. There is a fine line between hobby and insanity.
Excellent run on on this subject! Now.......With the repopulation of the wild turkey in the States, an entire new market has evolved! Everyone....gun makers, ammo makers, choke tube makers, etc. are all jumping on this markets to cut out a share. This has caused a great deal of pure old Bull to be floating around! The worst of all is the syndicated writers pushing sale on the Freebies and whatever the largest advetisers are selling. Somewhere in all this hype are the facts. Some of you might not like what I say, but having been around it for a long time, I'm sick of seeing this bull pushed on shooters.First of all.....Today's writers would have you believe it takes a connon to kill a turkey. Over the 50 years I have hunted turkey, I find it a wonderment that we killed some many with a 12 ga. 12 2 3/4" loaded with 1 1/4oz. of #5's. If a shooter holds his shots under 35 yards, all he needs is a standard 3 3/4-1 1/4-#5 load. The problem in the past was having enough choke constriction. Now the problem is overchoke. When one goes to more than .030" constriction, a new set of rules come into play. My favorite turkey gun (used also for test) is a 12 ga. 3"- 30"VR - BPS pump - with .740" barrel and a .040" constriction in the turkey tube......but this is a specialized long range gun and hundreds of loads/patterns were tested before I finished.I would be interested in the constriction in gun in question. I have found that when the constriction reached .035" plus.....the wall thickness of your wad must be reduced.Forget those "Turkey Head" targets, move out to 40 yards, and test your average number of pellets in a 10" circle. If the shot is closer in...great, but you really can't tell much about the pattern in close.When I first talked to Jay about this Reloading Catagory....I mentioned I want to see a broad subject base. We will be dicussing many interesting things we have been testing (reloading)....long range specialized loads, slugs for both smooth and rifled barrels, single and multi-balls loads, the relationship of wad wall thickness to barrel constriction, the use of Ms Moly sprayed on your wads, various shot. and many more. All are things the serious relaoder can play with! Let's all jump in on these! Best Regards, James
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You are right about the 6's. I still have about 20 pounds of 4's I bought to load for ducks I haven't used up yet.When those are gone though I'll prolly go with 5's for turkey loads though. SERENITY NOW! OR ELSE!
Mossberg 500, C or A I don't remember. The choke is labeled 670 XX Turkey Full.I shot a couple Federal 3" Mags with 2 ounces of #6's out of this the other day. If that won't kill 'em they are tuffer'n I am. Free men own guns. Slaves Don't.
This is an excellent thread and shows that there are some "iffy" areas. One is, It is not important how much shot is in the shell, but rather how many shot the shell puts in a 10" circle at 40 to 50 yards. Second, one must understand that the smaller pellets run out of energy much faster than larger ones. It is a fad today to talk about head shots close in, but......that's counting on a perfect situation. Most of us tend to misjudge distance. #6's run out of 3 lbs of energy between 20 yards (3.49) and 40 yards (2.23) at 1200 fps (faster than most magnum loads). If.....all shots taken were inside of 30 yards, everything would be fine.Years ago, I too believed in multple hits with small shot. I soon realized that a mis-judgement is distance caused a "dusted" bird, only to die later. Penetration is of prime important, in both the turkey and geese. Please study your energy tables vs velocity....test your loads penetration on stacked pieces of cardboard. Best Regards, James
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Go get yourself some Activ 2 3/4 Hulls! I use 38 grs. of Winchester 540, Win. 209, WAA12R and 1 5/8 oz. of high antimony #4's. Absolute turkey slayer! 1330 FPS! Shot a tom last years at 60 yards opening morning.

With respect to turkey loads. I have a number of 12 ga 3 inch guns, 12 ga 31/2 and 10 ga guns and every one will kill bird effectively at 60 yards with all being CLEAN kills, rolls them right over. THe key is the choke tube and the load.

The choke tube for 12 ga. typically a 0.655
for 12 31/2. typicall a 0.660
for 10 ga, typically a 0.680
But this is all different depending on your gun. A kicks or a Rhino tube are better and are more $$, but are worth it. Most of the time you can read their recommended tubes for you gun.

My Remington, Browning and Beretta, and hastings are all good guns, BUt MOSSBERG SUCKS as far as comparing pattern density at 50 yards. THe gun is just not good and the barrels simply are not polished as well.

Second, to realy shoot a cannon, absolutely the best shells I have found, I cannot reload my self or find in a store. For turkey hunting, I always go to web page "NITROAMMO". For all other hunting, I load my self, but I cannot find loading data for Nitro Rays's loads.

I currently shoot a 12 ga 3 1/2 inch berreta, I put the 660 tube on to barrel and the normal full choke on the bottom for the 25 yard or less birds.

The load is 2 5/8 oz nickel plated lead shot, #6 shot. Farthest shot now is 67 yards and rolled it right over.

My 10 ga likes his 3.0 oz loads. YES 3.0 oz
Both these loads are over 1200 ft/sec and do kick.

In my 3 inch 12 ga I shoot 2 1/4 nichel 6 shot.

My 12 ga places about 40 pellets solid in the turkey head at 50 yards.

However, he also sells heavy shot loads for more money, but I have not tried. I am totoly saticfied with what I have.

However in my 10 gauge, he sells a "economy heavy shot" which is copper plated 4's and 6's and then he uses #7's in heavy shot as the buffer. If you look at the cross sectional density of 7's in heavy shot, they hit like 6's in lead, but penetrate better because they are smaller.

Anyway, when I go from nickel 5's in my 10 ***** to the enconomy shot load, I increase my pellet count in the turkey head from 30 pellets to over 70 pellets at 50 yards. Incredible.


I too like to get birds in at less than 30 yards, but some times the older one comes along and just seems to know where the 50 yard line is. It's nice to know you can reach out there if you have to ...............
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If you are buying ammo from this web site the prices are very, very outrageous (NITROAMMO). Go to any sporting good store and purchase a box of hevi shot at half the price, (Wally World has the same loads for $14-$20 per box).

The advertisement which states that hevi shot with copper plated pellets is a good load for ducks would put you in trouble with the law. It may be a good load but copper is not allowed for hunting waterfowl in the US.

If you want to reload, buy the hevi shot components and reload them yourself but the savings is minimual, plus how many shots a year do you really shoot at turkeys.

A good turkey load of lead in 1 5/8 oz. of 4,5,6's in a 2 3/4 inch shell should cost you around $5-$6 for a box of ten.
I guess you miss the point. Nitro is indeed not cheep, but you cannot buy these shells at any store to compare

They load NOT 1 5/8 or even 2 ounce lead, they load and sell:

2 1/4 ounce for 3 inch 12 ga
2 5/8 ounce for 3.5 inch 12 ga
and 3 ounce for 10 gauge.

There is no other substitute out there.
I'm referring to turkey hunting, not hunting geese. So even if they are double the price, I only use one or two shells a year for turkey, so who cares if they are even 4 dollars a shell. If that breaks you, you have bigger issues.
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