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ultralight o/u pheasant loads?

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Shootable pheasants are far a few between here without a dog this time of year, and im interested in loads for my new ultralight.. I went jump shooting for ducks thursday, and 3# and number 4 steel with 1 1/16 ounce, at 1550 feet per second worked fine at fairly close range............ Is that ok for pheasants out to 40 yards, or would it be better to use number 5 and # 6 nickle plated lead shot with 1 1/8 ounce at 1200 fps? all of these loads pattern great, have minimal recoil, and have quite similar points of impact in my beretta ultiralight o/u... thanks dave..
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I have been shooting a Beretta Ultralight since 1996. 1 1/4 ounce of #5 lead (where I could use lead ) has been my favorite load. Good for a honest 40 yards. Where I had to use steel- 1 1/4 of #2 steel but it really is only a 35 yard killer. Anything farther is iffy! Any load heavier than 1 1/4 is punishment!
be careful with that plated lead shot. Make sure it is legal where you are shooting. Here in AZ ALL lead shot, including plated lead shot is illegal.
Out to 40 yards, or for that matter anything beyond 25-30 yards, you'll always be better off with lead shot for pheasant, #4, #5, or #6.
One of the many problems with steel shot is it loses velocity very quickly because of it's lower density. It starts off fast but it slows down faster. This effects killing power and possibly your lead.
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