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Unique powder reloading question

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Any one have a link showing which bushing to use with my MEC9000 to drop the right amount of powder for this recipe:

Win. AA hull, 7/8 ounce shot, 16 grs. Unique, RXP20 wad, Win. 209 primer.

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I have used the #25 bushing and 16.4 grs. of unique for many yrs. I have shot hundreds of rounds of skeet with it and it performed well. The only thing that might make a difference is that my load is over 30 yrs. old. I have noticed that newer loading manuals are showing lighter loads for Unique than the older manuals. I shoot a lot of pistols and use Unique for most of them. Maybe the powder has changed, maybe the legal climate has changed and they are being more cautious. Compare loading manuals from the 70's, 80's, & 90's and you will see the difference.
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