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Unique powder reloading question

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Any one have a link showing which bushing to use with my MEC9000 to drop the right amount of powder for this recipe:

Win. AA hull, 7/8 ounce shot, 16 grs. Unique, RXP20 wad, Win. 209 primer.

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SkeetNewB Posted: My number 24 bushing drops about 15.7 on average, and the number 25 drops 16.4. Is 0.4 grs over too hot?
My #24 drops the exact same charge - 15.7gr

As for less Unique for 7/8 load, how little Unique would be too little and what would the likely results be if tried?

I've currently loaded but haven't shot yet....

15.7gr Unique
Orange Duster
7/8 #9 chilled

Will this be a "dirty" load?
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