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Universal Sporting Goods o/u made in Spain.

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Looking for information on a O/U 12 gauge marked "Universal Soprting Goods Model 7812 and made in Spain. Other markings include "FSC" on the 30" barrel (fixed chokes 18.7, 18.2?) and the receiver. The receiver looks like a SKB with the squared top and "Greens" slide lock. The engraving on the matte finished receiver looks a lot like an older Berretta. :roll: Feels tight, really clean with a few character marks on the stock. Butt pad has a melted effect going on. Pistol grip and a gold colored trigger. I've been told it has NEVER been fired. Yeah, right. A value would be nice to know.
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From the Bluebook

MODEL 7812 O/U
- similar to 7712, with auto ejectors and more engraving.
Grading 100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%
$605 $580 $550 $525 $470 $415 $385

a very little bit o' info on the 7712 :12 ga., 26 or 28 in. barrel, VR, non-selective single trigger, extractors, light engraving, checkered pistol grip stock.

All Universal shotguns were disc. after 1982
Thanks for the quick reply! Any idea on finding the choke size of the barrels. Marking?
Assuming the barells diameter is around 18.3 (older gun) then 18.2 should be about 4 (near improved Cylinder).

The 18.7 is actually bigger than Skeet/Cylinder choke.

Unless its a Bellchoked gun (tulsa) which is very unlikely I will check the 18.7 number again.
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