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I was wondering if anyone could possibly identify and give me a price estimate of this shotgun.

The shotgun is owned by a friend of mine it has the humpack look of a browning a-5 infact it looks identical to a browning .
But it is gas operated. The receiver is marked springfield and has an engraving of pheasants. This does not seem too out of the ordinary but the barrel is marked savage. The barrel is about 24 in. long and is marked full but is bored out to modified , might I add that it shoots slugs like a rifle. The barrel has a normal blue finish that shows alot of wear but the receiver is black and I don't think it is paint, I have no idea what it is. It also has been re-stocked with what I believe is a browning a-5 stock. Any ,I repeat any info on this gun would be more than helpful .

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the reciever of the gun is aluminium alloy and is what is refered to as blackning. i am not sure if a browning stock will fit properly on the gun but if it has a round knob pistol grip then it is more likely a browning stock.depending on condition $150 to $300.
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