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Update on 16ga 2 /12" A-5 dilemma

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Some of you may recall I inadvertantly picked up a beautiful A5 16ga that I thought was a 2 3/4" but turned out to be a 2 1/2 model. ... highlight=

After pondering the situation based on the advice recieved here, I decided to keep it. Last weekend I got a case of shells from my best friend as an early Christmas present. We hit the dove field with high hopes....... I couldn't hit squat with that gorgeous gun!!!! I just couldn't get my mount right to have a proper sight line (humpback is mucho different from 20ga 11-87 Upland Special). Burned through 2 boxes for shells on very short range doves. What to do1?!?!?!?!? I unloaded that machine, closed my eyes and practiced mounting until I got it right. Closed out the day with 4 doves in 5 shots. A little more practice and I should see better results. It shoots almost as soft as my lil 11-87, I call this one a keeper!!!! By the way I do not reload & am keeping the empty hulls for resale. If anyone is interested, please pm me so we can work up a deal. Great shooting to all!!!!!
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The first day in the dove field is like dating....sometimes it takes a few tries to figure out what works for both of you.

I'd suggest taking the effort to see where your gun is shooting realative to your point of aim. My A-5 seems to shoot about 1 1/2 foot high at 30 yards. That explains why I am so deadly on overhead passing shots and shake my head in disbelief when I pull on a mallard hovering over my decoys at 20 yards and miss. Now that I know I shoot high, I sight down my barrel, have that ol bird just sitting on top of my sight picture and do much better on the 'easy' shots.
Go shoot some of the wiley clay birds...

In my experience most folks will see a humpback 16 shooting short shells as the equivalent of pushing a shopping cart full of tin cans and talking to allah. :roll:

You will however, meet other's of similar good taste and class. :D
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