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If someone sends you an offer to sell you a gun or item by pm and you do not know this user, be sure to get photo proof of possession of the gun that has their username here on SGW and the current date at a minimum. If you are satisfied that they actually possess that item, then move forward and establish a safe method for both parties to make the exchange. There must be a reasonably simple method to accomplish this. You have to use a FFL anyway, check with your local FFL and see what you can work out.
There are plenty of crooks out there wanting to get your cash, do not let them beat you.
Also send me a report by PM of the offer so that I can see what is going on. This user might be trying to scam a bunch of you and I need to be made aware of it.
Every PM has a report button in the lower right corner of the message. Use that button to report that PM so we can find it right away and accurately.

There are new requirements for this Proof of Possession!

The Proof note must:
Be Handwritten Legibly with Black Felt(Sharpie) Type Marker( Not Pencil and not Ballpoint and only Black Ink) with:

The Forum Username of the seller,
The Price
The First Date of Sale.
It must Written on paper with printed lines or hand drawn and legible lines ( To stop having stolen photos with names and details photoshopped over like I saw done in another forum, it is hard to work around the lines on the paper).
Proof photo needs to adhere with our standard example and should have the item for sale or offered for sale on the Proof note so it is obvious that the note is under the item and visible as such.

Proof photos not meeting these specifications will cause the listing to be removed upon discovery without explanation.

These changes have been put in place and will be in effect for any items posted for sale after the posting of this notice!

Handwriting Office supplies Writing implement Pen Fluid

View attachment 51227

This is to help prevent bogus sales offers. Please take notice that you must have 25 postings on to be eligible to participate in any classified section. Trying to circumvent this requirement by posting in other forums or by PM, may cost you your ability to be a member here at shotgun World.
If you can get that picture taken with the gun or item on top of the 3 requirements with them legible, you may be ahead. If it is too much trouble for the seller, they probably have nothing to sell.
If you inform me of someone attempting to scam you, they will not get another chance here.

If you are responding to a WTB listing, you MUST furnish a photo of the item you are submitting with a proof of Possession photo as shown above!
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