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Upland Gun Double Trigger Savvy

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I just finished reading an informative article on the perfect chukar gun in this month's Shooting Sportsmanmagazine. All chukar hunters should read it imho. The author's perfect chukar gun is a sxs with double triggers due to the fact that the first birds that get up are usually farther away and should be taken with the rear trigger(tighter choke), while the next birds that get up are usually the tight holding closer birds that end up flying right over you, which should be taken with the front trigger (open choke). This is the reverse of what we usually do, but it makes sense, and is a compelling case for the usefullness of double triggers. I had this exact experience this year on a chukar covey and wish I had read this article first, because I flubbed it up and missed the close bird with too tight a choke. :oops:
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Then again, you might not miss that bird over your head with the tighter choke and end up with Chukar mincement for ravioli instead of BBQ breast, assuming you get enough meat to use. This happened to me on a recent pheasant hunt with hevishot through a modified choke. Vaporized. Better than a phaser gun. :?
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