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Urika 2 "Sporting?"

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Can anybody please tell me how the "Sporting" model of the Urika 2 is physically designated on the gun? Also: exactly what are the differences in the "Sporting" version from the standard? How about the "Trap" model? Would a trap version be any hinderence in sporting clays? (Saw a nice fitting "Trap" at the gun store, but no help available for these questions.) Thanks in-advance for your great assistance Forum-folks!
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The differences between the sporting version and the field version are few.

Sporting (includes trap models and parallel target models) have a wider rib on the barrel and have a mid-rib bead as well. The stock is thicker in cross section by about an 1/8" or so. Also, the cast on a sporting gun is from 5-7mm whereas the field model is 3-5mm or so. The stocks and barrels can be swapped from a field gun to a sporting gun w/ little problems (exception being the Teknys models and their inserts. Those can only be swapped between the Teknys field and the Teknys sporting unless you rip out the insert)

On SOME of the older models of sporting the word 'Sporting" is on the side of the receiver, other than that, they(field and sporting models) are mechanically identical.
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