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I'm looking at a used red label 12 ga. I believe it's early 80's vintage as it has fixed choke barrels.

I've done some searching on used red labels to try to figure out what the standard choke arrangement is on these guns. I've only been able to get info on other gauges.

I understand that the gauges are marked on the barrels but not sure where.

Appreciate any help. The gun is at a decent price and if it's not too hard to read the barrel marking, I'll call the pawn shop (in another town) and see if they can check and confirm.

If the chokes make sense, I'll get them to hold it for me. (when I looked at it while visiting my brother, I was confused as it has the stainless receiver which I thought meant it should have screw in chokes....)

Thanks for any help.

Whatever I end up getting (also considering a new CZ redhead), it'll be my first o/u shotgun (a friend and I are getting into clays) and want to make sure I get something that will last me for awhile.

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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