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Used waterfowl gun!

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I am in the market for a used waterfowl gun. However I am running into problems because everyone I talk to says that the older guns cannot shoot steel shot. ex: I'm looking at a Browning B-2000 that is in great shape but the guy at the store says it won't shoot steel shot. But I think it's because he would rather sell me a new "gold hunter". :x I'm looking primarily at semi-auto's. I've never duck hunted before but I'm wanting to get into it this year. I currently shoot a Browning A-5 16GA. for everything else from Dove to Squirrel to Deer. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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the main reason old guns wont shoot steel is because the choke is usually full and that is to tight for steel. also ive heard that brownings older barrels were to soft for steel(can someone please answer this)
Casey--you may want to visit for their discusson of "Can I shoot steel shot in my Browning gun?

It is rather lenghtly, so I did not try to reproduce it here.

Hope this helps some.
Thanks for the tips guys, I had already looked at the Browning website and got the information there. I guess what I was looking for is some suggestions of what used gun to look for. Thanks!
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