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Has anyone heard/seen how the season will be this year? I mainly hunt at Hog Island, Back Bay, or Chicahominy. I was dove huntin at Chic last sat. and saw 2 flocks of canadas and a couple of snows.

Also, does anyone know of any blinds/clubs I can go hunt at? I live in Tidewater and can't drive too far.
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I replied to your thread in SE. So check that one out.

Also, regarding blinds...haha, you are in the wrong state for that my friend. VA has the most rediculous blind laws of anystate I know of. It has taken me years just to find a few spots east of 95 to hunt. And of those, they are marginal at best. Marginal meaning that I occasionally get to come home with dirty barrels.

I don't know of any clubs off hand. Try the WMAs. Good info available on the VDGIF webpage. They have a lot of morning draw and lottery hunts. We killed limits in the WMAs on the chickahominy in the early season, no 500 yard rule either.

Best of luck in your search, as like me, it will be a neverending one.

Xterminator- Try going south to NC-- Knotts Island, and the sounds are full of blinds. Not easy to get in with these folks, but worth it in terms of birds taken.
Duck hunting in virginia is a sport of the rich,by the rich,for the rich.the rest of us are stuck in so bever swamp on so timber company land some where so good luckand I hope you find somsthing

Rich? You should see some of the people I hunt with!! They have more guns than teeth :wink: :lol:

..... wait, not a good analogy. Mmmmm ..... they have more dogs than teeth!!!!! (Better, maybe)


I should have joined this forum earlier. Hunted Hog Island, Ragged Island and scouted Game Farm and Mockhorn this year. Pop me a PM when you get the chance.
The only place i've hunted around here is in our place in Mathews! Man you should see all them ducks. Good Luck
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