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Value of 2 M12 28ga. guns

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I talked to a guy yesterday that has two 28ga. model 12's.
One is a field grade,exellent condition,solid rib,26'' bbl.,and is stamped ''SKEET'',all numbers match.
The other is a Pigeon grade with factory inlaid gold engraving,I dont know the choke or barrel length yet.
This gun is supposed to be unfired,with the correct box.
He told me that there are letters coming from Cody on both guns and that they verified the guns as real with just the serial #'s over the phone.
I have looked at the field grade gun and it is as nice as any M12 I have seen.
The Pigeon grade I will get to see Thursday.
Just thought I would get some insight from some people that I am sure know alittle more about them than me.
Things to look for that are sure give aways there fake etc.
I have know reason to think its a setup,just trying to get a heads up on these guns.
I also know that setting a value is going to be hard.
I have only seen two that I am pretty sure were real,both back in the mid 70's.
Any words of wisdom would help alot.

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I didn't know that Cody could give any information about Model 12s? I may be wrong.
Dave Riffle would be the person to contact, he wrote the book on Model 12's See

This could be quite a Christmas for you, Good Luck.

My Goodness -- has he mentioned any prices?

With 28 ga Model 12's you need to proceed with a little more caution than the other gauges. Don't let emotion and the "want for it to be better than it really is", fog your judgement.

Pictures would give us a little more to go on. But so far it sounds okay and if they check out, quite an opportunity and like Notime 2 said, it could be quite a Christmas.

Ole Cowboy said:
I didn't know that Cody could give any information about Model 12s? I may be wrong.
Years ago when the Winchester collection was still in New Haven I wrote them asking for information on some Model 12's I had.They could give me none as they had none for the early years of manufacture.If I rememder they did have info on the y model 12.

Unless new info has come along since that time I would agree with Ole Cowboy' view.
Hello red: Cody has no info in general on specific Model 12s. John Kusmit "amy" have provided them with a copy of his and his brothers log on engraved Md 12s I don't know. The only shotguns cody can "letter" are 1897s below about S/N 380,000 and the Model 21.

Very easy to determine if a Md 12 28ga. is authentic, to many parts stamped with a "28". But the easiest way to start push in the carrier and look to see if the cartridge stop has a notch in it. Next remove the butt stock and look for the 28 stamped into the receiver just above where the trigger guard screw goes.

Very few Model 12s had the gold inlays, look closely on the box, especially the bottom the box date code should be real close to the manufacture of the gun. IE a 1947 gun in a 1956 box watch out!!

Regards Dave
Thanks everyone.
I was as giddy as a school girl when this guy told me he had a
Pigeon grade gun.
But I guess thats how you could be taken advantage of,you don't think, you just have to have it before someone else finds out about them.
I will for sure ask about the cody letters,and if possible check the stamp on the rec.
I had heard about the rec. stamp but always thought that if someone was going to do a fake they would stamp the rec.
I was also thinking about measuring the bore size with a snap gauge,but I am not sure what the right bore is.
If anyone thinks of something else please let me know, I am supposed to see the Pigeon gr. tomorrow.

Hello Greg: True the rear of the receiver where the gauge is stamped, you can certainly "over stamp" a 0 or 6 into an 8. However this didn't occur that often.

Other parts that are stamped with a *****:

Magazine band, however some 28ga. guns came with a 20ga. band.

Breech bolt, the side of the action release lever, cartridge cutt-off, (but this is easy too spot since the 28 is the only one with a notch.

the Mag tube where the "inter-rupted" threads are looks different than the 16/20ga. tube since it's swaged down.

of course you are going to want to verify the S/N for a field gun fall within the 1937-57 range, Pigeon 28s were availble until about 1960.

If either gun was made before 1950/51 time frame and has a 2 3/4in CHAM. I would be suspicous, Should have a 2 7/8 CHAM.

Unusual to see a "Field" SKEET, look closely at the action slide screw cap for evidence of removal, (the two slots).

Regards Dave
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Well I got a good look at the Pigeon gr. gun today and its very nice but it is not what I had been told it was.
It does not have the box and it has been used I would say its a 97-98 % gun, I wish I knew more about these guns, but the wood thats on it just does not look right on this gun.
The ser.# is 82**32,on the pigeon.
The field gr. is 12**304
He also has a Pigeon grade 20 ga. with a extra bbl that has matching serial#,19**623
I am going to try and find out some more about these guns and see what I can work out.
Thanks for the help so far.

Hello Red: Well the Pigeon 28 is Pre-War, and that wood does look a little different, the "field is early 50s, the 20ga could be a 62,63, or later you left out the key numbers, It may also be a parts clean up gun.

Take your digital camera with you and take photos!! If you can't post them, email them to me at [email protected]

regards Dave
Red,what is the latest on the two shotguns?
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