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Value of a Arizaga 20ga SxS

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In my search for a used SxS, I came across one that I had not heard of before. I searched the archives and did not see anything there either. It was made by Eusebio Arizaga and is a 20 gauge that is full scroll engraved, removable side locks, cocking indicators, articulating front/double triggers, selective ejectors, Carlson's choke tubes installed in 28" barrels, receiver case colors, gold inlay of family crest on lever, beavertail forearm, checkered rosewood butt plate, ivory bead, stocked at 1 5/16", 2" and 13 7/8" and the overall condition seems to be pretty good. Made in 1957?? The owner has quoted me a price that seems reasonable. I was hoping to get some input from someone who may know about this gun. I can email pictures if necessary. Email me at [email protected]. Thanks.
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I uploaded pictures to the album. I have a few more pics that were not uploaded. I can still email any/all of them if necessary. Thanks
Do you mind sharing the price. Have a friend with what I think is the same gun in a 28 ga. that he wants to sell, but does not have any idea of value.

The price was $1,995 delivered but after some painstaking research it seems this might be a bit high. Other Arizagas I found were under $1,000 although they were not as dressed up. I wish I could give you a better number. I'm still trying to find one myself!
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