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Why did you refer in the title to a Zoli gun, when it does not appear to have the name of Zoli on it? It is true that JL Galef and Son did import some Antonio Zoli guns as well as other brands (including Beretta) but I'm not sure this one was made by Zoli. If there is anything on it that identifies it as a Zoli, I would be interested to hear about it.

Take a close look at the gun near the bottom of this picture:

That is the Galef Companion. If your gun looks like that but with the addition of a Monte Carlo stock and a vent rib, then what you have is a Galef Monte Carlo Trap Single Barrel. I think the values Dave C quoted would be for the Companion. My Blue Book (a couple of years old) values the MC Trap at $100-225 depending on condition.

The action that this gun is based on was developed by Beretta iln 1922 and was made by them until some time in the 1990's, although it was not imported to the US all that time. It was imported by Galef from the early 1950's until they lost the Beretta importation rights in the late 1960's. It was made in many different gauges and configurations. At some time (in the early 1960's, I think) Galef started calling the field version of it by the name of "Companion". When Beretta took the import rights away from Galef and went to Garcia, Galef was left with no guns to sell, so they got other maker(s) to produce guns for them in designs copied almost exactly from the Berettas. They sold a Companion and a MC Trap based on the Beretta single-barrel design but with the addition of a tang safety (Beretta used a safety button in the front of the triggerguard). The picture above is a 1968 Galef ad, probably the first year that they sold the copies of the Beretta guns.

I am not sure who made these guns for Galef, but I have seen the initials M.A.V.I. before, and I think that was the maker, not Zoli. I may be wrong - Zoli did make the Silver Snipe and Golden Snipe O/U and Silver Hawk SxS for Galef. I have not found any information on M.A.V.I. I have no idea how Eagle Arms figures into this, nor whether that is the same company that goes by that name now.

Here is some info that is off-topic, but interesting, I think. This old Beretta design is still being manufactured now, by an Italian company named Effebi. The name Effebi is derived from the letters FEB, which are the initials of the company's founder, Dr. Franco E. Beretta. I don't know much about him, but I assume he represents a branch of the same family.

You can find out what year the gun was made by looking for a date code stamped on the flat of the receiver (under the barrel).

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