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I have a Browning Auto-5 that I would like to sell locally, but I don't know its value. My brother sold it to me for hunting, but after one year, I think I would rather have a pump shotgun. Anyway it is a:

Browning Auto-5
12 gauge
SN# from bottom of reciever: 321134(1951 I believe)
Top of Barrell reads, "Browning Arms Company St Louis Mo"
Side of Barrell reads, "MADE IN BELGIUM"
Other side of Barrell reads, "* Special Steel-12 Gauge-Shells 2 3/4' o kg 908 (then some garble, a sideways small letter Q, a letter L with a star over it, a lion with an O. V. under it, an E, L, G and star with a circle round it and a crown on top, and a 12-70 inside an omega symbol, like a horseshoe)".
Checkered wood stock, with a knob of wood on the pistol type grip.
The butt has a plastic(I think)pad on the back and says Browning Automatic with an FN in the middle.
Blued reciever has scrolling on it, with and L, a scribed lion, a PV and an arrow pointing towards the rear of the gun on it.
The bolt has the same markings on it with an additional 134 after it.
the barrell is plain with a bead on the end, no choke tubes or ribbing.

Any help you can give I appreciate.


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Zed, excellent job of describing your A-5, you only left out the overall condition.

Grading 100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%
Plain barrel $495 $425 $375 $325 $295 $270 $240

Add 10% for round knob

note; depending on your location A-5's can run oft on price or higher the Bluebook prices are an average.

Where is locally?

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I am located in central Wisconsin, in a city named Wausau. The condition is good. There is some slight pitting on the barrell and action, the wood has a few minor blemishes, but overall looks very well taken care of, and very clean. Thanks again for your reply.

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