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One of my friends, who is wonderful collector of shotguns and rifles asked me to post this question about the current value of his beautiful shotgun which is in excellent condition.

Thomas Bland & Sons 12 G Sidelock SXS 28" barrels with ultra fine engraving.

Is there any link from where I can find more information about this London based gun company?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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Hey Zubair,
From the Blue Book of Gun Values:
Current English manufacturer located in England since 1840. This firm was purchased in 1990 by Woodcock Hill located in Benton, PA. Manufacturer direct sales only.

Woodcock Hill should be contacted directly for more information (including current models and prices) regarding Thomas Bland & Sons firearms. Prices will vary depending on the exchange rate between the pound/dollar.
Record checks by serial number on all Thomas Bland & Sons rifles and shotguns are also available.
Both boxlock and sidelock best quality shotguns are available in all gauges with prices ranging between $14,500 - $40,000 depending upon configuration, finish, and accessories.

Jay G.
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