I have several types of Shotgun slugs or sabot slugs for either the 12gauge or 20 Gauge, The standard slugs are meant for smooth bore and the sabots are meant for rifled slug barrels. Each box or bags contains 25 individual projrctiles for loading. I am asking $10 per 25, mix or match and they will ship together

These are original Brenneke for smooth bore, I have 8 boxes of 25

These are 12 g Sabot 1 ounce for rifled barrel they can be researched at Ballistics products .com. I have 4 boxes of 25

These are 20 ***** slugs for the 20 gauge smooth bore. I have 3 boxes of 25. They also can be researched at Ballistic Products.com

Each of these retailed in excess of $17 per 25 or higher. The Brenneke are vintage dating back to the late 70's They are still made but have a plastic base wad
I am open to reasonable offers These will be shipped USPS shipping can be calculated once a zip code is provided. Any questions just ask