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I have 2 of the verona sx 405 auto shotguns and i"m ecstatic happy with them. They have to be the best value in guns going.Here in the northeast they are sold at Dicks sporting goods, and can be had on sale for $259-$279. That can't be beat for a 6 shot auto with 3 inch chamber and comes with 4 choke tubes and a hard case. They have the black plastic stock and forend along with sling swivals.Between my boy and i, we have near 3000 rounds of trap shooting with no jams of any kind. They are easy to take down to clean.I also bought my boy an lx 501 over/under that at $600 is the best deal in over/unders going.They hit where you're aiming and have been very dependable since day one for us. I recomend them highly.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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