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Verona O/U trigger not setting

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I just bought a Verona 12 Ga O/U. I was impressed with the fit/finish and it swings very well. Tested it at the trap range on Friday. I was tearing it up when 1/2 to 3/4 through the round, the second barrel wouldn't fire. The trigger was not resetting and it didn't matter which barrel I selected first. The second shot wouldn't go. I noticed the trigger was not getting set for the second shot. The gunsmith at the range said that some O/Us reset the trigger by recoil. He gave me some hotter loads to try in it. Didn't help. Smacked the butt of the gun with my hand and tried to fire it, no dice. I unloaded both barrels, and dry fired it. After the first firing pin clicked, I smacked the butt of the gun on the ground, only then did the second firing pin fire. Definitely more impact was required than you would experience with recoil. Does the Verona set the second firing pin from the recoil of the first shot?

I returned the gun to Dicks Sporting Goods where I purchased it, and they were awesome! They took the gun back and will replace it with a new one as soon as they get one. They said it was the first Verona they had a customer return. They did have another one there that they had received with a cracked forend stock. We dry fired it, both firing pins fired. We tried to swap forend stocks, but mine was apparently shorter so when you cracked the gun open, it was VERY loose. :(

Thanks for any suggestions!
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Anyone with a Verona O/U ever test dry fire their shotgun and have both firing pins release?

Do a search as I know this came up with another verona owner. It's one of the things keeping me from seriously considering one at this point.

I've heard of browning citori's doing this and they work off of inertia blocks (recoil setting the trigger) Something happens to the intertia block and it stops working. Take it to your gunsmith and have him look at it.
I had this same problem. Had to sent it for repair.
When I got the gun back - this issue appeared to be fixed, but another one was introduced - sometimes the (top) barel would not fire right away - made a "clunk" when the trigger was pulled and I had to pull 1-2 more times to make it fire.
So I sent it again.

Got it last month and shot a sporting clays course with no problems. Altthough, on a couple of occasions when firing only one of the barrels I saw a quite noticeable dent on the unfired shell's primer. Didn't have a doubling though. If this happens - I'm really thinking to have a talk with BC Outdoors to authorize a gunsmith in my area to do the warranty work...

This aside - I did some research on the issue and it appears that the situation with the (recoil operated) single selective trigger is basically "if you cannot do them well - better don't do them at all".

I really appreciate now my grandfather's old double with double triggers....

Otherwise I can say that the Verona fits me very well (the stock can use some cast-off though) and the only other gun that I felt that good shouldering was Browinig Citory.
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Seems to be a common problem with Verona. I also purchased mine at Dicks and they also took it back and refunded my money. With the money I purchased a Berreta White wing which has been problem free. I must say that Dicks are great to deal with. How many dealers refund your money instead of having to wait for warranty work. :D
Thanks for the posts! I'm starting to wonder if I should just ask for my money back, rather than a new Verona, and see what else I can get for under $1000. Is the Beretta White Wing around $1000?

Thanks again,
Dicks gave me a 15% discount for my trouble which made the price $850 for the White Wing :D A reply to XT Babe, Cleaning the lock work cures the Citori problem but not the Verona"s.
I have the same problem w/ a new 702 (Verona) . About 25-30 rounds in to the shoot. It won't fire the second trigger. It then takes breaking down and closing 25-50 times before either trigger will fire. Twice it fired upon closing w/ no trigger pull. It has been @ BC Outdoors for 2 weeks now. I sure hope they fix it.
Because I'm interested in a Verona, I've followed this thread closely and done some off-line research. THis morning I stopped by a gun shop that I've been to in the past. THis particular shop handles the Verona. They have really nice 692 20/28ga setup that I'm keen on. I asked the owner (and gunsmith) if he'd had any complaints regarding the triggers and the second barrel not firing. His reply was that out of the 70 or so that he has sold, only one had come back with this problem. Because the gun was under warranty he was hesitant to look at it, but in the end did so. What he found was that the trigger/cocking mech needed a throrough cleaning. Apparently not everything gets a good scrub down before leaving the factory. In this guns case, there was some small amount of wood shavings and oil/grease build-up that needed removal. Following that the gun was returned to the customer and no problems since.

Now, it stands to reason that a gun should be cleaned, even new out of the box. But one would hardly think that you'd need to remove the stock and clean the trigger.cocking mech on a O/U. I've never had to clean the internals out of the box on any of my Berettas.

The shop owner also mentioned that sealing the inside of the stock in the trigger area would help in the long run and keep any other debri (wood shavings/dust) from "caking" in the mechanism. He also mention that Veronas are starting to come with mechanical triggers, whereas older guns were strictly inertia. He also mentioned that Verona will convert a gun to mechanical triggers (at what cost he did say).

Hope this helps those contemplating a Verona and holding back because of the trigger issue.

Cress @ Verona - care to comment ?

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I have a Verona 502 12ga from Dick's. I have fired hundreds and hundreds of rounds through it and it has NEVER failed once. The gun is a steal for the price and quality. Merely changing the barrel selector switch and both barrels will dry fire.
My 501 dry fires each trigger without changing the barrel selector, but my 702 would not. On my 702 you either have to change barrels or put the safety on then back off to get the second barrel to dryfire
Sounds to me like your 50x is mechanical trigger and the 702 is inertia.

I say this as I have two Italian O/Us. One with mechanical trigger and the other inertia. With the mechanical triggers, simply pulling the trigger fires each barrel. Whereas with the inertia trigger gun, the first barrel will fire, but inorder to get the second to fire, I have to set the second barrel with a rap on the butt or move the safety/barrel selector as you suggest. (BTW, dry fire testing was on with snap caps in place.)
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