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I had this same problem. Had to sent it for repair.
When I got the gun back - this issue appeared to be fixed, but another one was introduced - sometimes the (top) barel would not fire right away - made a "clunk" when the trigger was pulled and I had to pull 1-2 more times to make it fire.
So I sent it again.

Got it last month and shot a sporting clays course with no problems. Altthough, on a couple of occasions when firing only one of the barrels I saw a quite noticeable dent on the unfired shell's primer. Didn't have a doubling though. If this happens - I'm really thinking to have a talk with BC Outdoors to authorize a gunsmith in my area to do the warranty work...

This aside - I did some research on the issue and it appears that the situation with the (recoil operated) single selective trigger is basically "if you cannot do them well - better don't do them at all".

I really appreciate now my grandfather's old double with double triggers....

Otherwise I can say that the Verona fits me very well (the stock can use some cast-off though) and the only other gun that I felt that good shouldering was Browinig Citory.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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