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versalite wads

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I can't find data for versalite wads. I am loading 7/8 load 18.3 longshot fio primer. I was loading 17.3 it left a lot of residue I move 1 bushing size and got the 18.3 on my mec 900gn. I figue it be about 1250 ft. sec around 10500 psi. opions please before I load the 400 hulls. thanks for the input ahead. :)
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and use the data for the Hor. Versalite wad, since it's the same one.

P.S. Need the hull being used before we can go any farther on the load.
I am using rem. and some AA hulls. When I pull hog. sight there is no listing on that wad that I can find.
Pretend they are AA wads. That's what they were designed to emulate.

Makes no difference, 12 or 20. Versalites were designed to be a more or less universal shot charge wad in it's appropriate gauge as it relates to the standard AA wad. My experience tells me the 12 ga works fine for both 1 and 1-1/8 oz loads in AAs and RPs, and in the 20 ga it does well for 7/8 oz loads as well as 3/4 oz loads. In some hulls it works pretty well for 1 oz 20 ga loads too.

What BP said.

From hondaboy's load, it's 20ga, but the Versalite is about as close to a universal (and GOOD) wad as exists - NOT a 'compromise' that WILL work in a pinch, but a GOOD wad with more load flexibility that normal.

And, as a more-than-slight bonus, works more than pretty good in RemChester AND FGM cases: there's only a little drop-off in velocity and pressure between the Versalite and Federal 12C0. That is NOT the case with most AA knockoffs.

I'm not sure why it is not more popular, but a lot of trap-types think it gives some awfully consistent patterns across powders and loads.

In my 12 ga experiences, the versalite works well with my 1 1/8 handicap FGM hull
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