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Anybody have a book or data on a maker 'W.H. James "back action double?? It has birgminham BP proofs and "warrented Fine London Twist" barrels. Second, how do these type barrels stack up for quality in the "damascus" catagory. I do want to shoot it with BP after I get the sears fixed.


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I find this family name making guns in Birmingham from at least 1811 to 1870's, but no W.H. in the list. Closest possible is William and there's no information on him. As for the Fine London Twist vs Damascus, there was no "truth in labeling" act to define the various laminated barrels, so each manufacturer could label his product as he liked. In general, fine twist would imply a better product than twist, stub-twist was considered superior to either, and damascus was the strongest with the wires "braided" in both directions. But it really depended on the craftsman's skill. I'm sure a WH James twist barrel would be better than my attempt at damascus. I would be reluctant to fire one of these century old beauties and would insist on the approval of a competent gunsmith first.
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