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Model 82
Q Can you tell me or steer me in the right direction concerning any information about a Weatherby Model 82. Serial number is 82-06715. I would like to find out anything and everything I can about this shotgun including its value
A Gas operated, 12 ga only. 22-30 in barrels, various integral or fixed chokes, weight 7.5 lbs checkered walnut stock and forearm imported 1982- 1989
Standard autoloading shotgun... $345
Buckmaster autoslug with rifled sights...$350
with fixed chokes ...deduct $40 .

Model 92
Q I have a Weatherby 12 gauge pump model 92, that has never been fired. I am
looking for a value of this gun for insurance reasons.
A According to the Blue Book of Gun Values...
100% $325
98% $275
95% $250
12 ga. only, 2-3/4 and 3 in. chambers, ultra-short slide action w/twin rails, 26-30 in. VR barrels, engraved black alloy receiver, checkered pistol grip walnut stock and forearm. New 1983. Subtract $30 for Trap grade (disc. 1984), $20 if fixed choke (multi-chokes became standard 1985) barrel. Disc. 1987.

Whitney Arms
Q I recently purchased at auction a Whitney Arms S&S 12 ga shotgun with a
patent date of 1866. I was wondering where I could find out more history on
the model, how many were made and rough value. I proudly hangs on my lodge
wall and it would be nice to know more about it. It has a low serial # (3
A From another site:
Whitney Arms Co. New Haven Ct. Rolling Block Shotgun 20 Ga or very close appx 32" from breech to end. appears to have been blue originally. 84439
U.S. on top of the butt plate. upper tang on buttstock: WHITNEY ARMS CO. NEW HAVEN CT. U.S.A.
The barrel appears to be fluid steel, not damascus, and it appears to be in reasonably good condition physically. What is the approximate age and value, and if you have the information, what types of loads were in use when it was made, and might be safe for use in it today (Black Powder I presume?)Thank you in advance.
Michael- Between 1881 and 1888 Whitney made a lot of rolling blcoks, similar to the Remingtons, but not identical. Included were about 1,000 shotguns, mostly in 20 ga but sometimes in 12, 14, or 16 ga. Barrel lengths included 20, 23, 26, and 30 inches, with the latter two most sommon. Flayderman lists these at about $175 in NRA antique Very Good, and $350 in NRA antique Fine. Not a real strong demand for these, but they are a couple steps up from the more common old shotguns we keep hearing about

White Powder Wonder

Q I have found a shotgun in my parents old house and was wondering
if you could give me some info on its background and maybe its worth.
It is a white powder wonder, single shot, i think its a 12 gauge. As far as
i can tell its all original.

A "These were interesting because they were sold as basically a soap
manufacturers promotion/advertising scheme. Collect enough box tops, you
get a shotgun...... Imported by Shapleigh Arms Hardware & Associates, St.
Louis from the Crescent Arms Co. . A Belgian gun - worth about $8.95 new
then when other models listed for about $30.00 and up. No collector value -
worth $45 - $100 in "like new" condition (if someone wants to buy it).
* NOTE * These are Black Powder only! The White Powder Wonder denotes the
SOAP - not the ammo...... - I wouldn't fire one of these."
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