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WA. or OR. bird hunting reports; How about it Guys!?

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I'm sure the rest of us would like to know how you did bird hunting, good or bad. If you have been bird hunting in WA. or OR., upland or waterfowl, we would love to hear about it. You can be as specific or general as you'd like regarding location.


I'll start: went hun hunting Saturday the 11th near Goldendale; couldn't find any where I'd previously raised six coveys the week before. Might have been due to the rain that was falling, too much pressure, or both.

Anticipating the pheasant opener near Umatilla. Anybody hunt there, or have a better place in mind?
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I also hunted Ladd Marsh on Sunday, after hunting Brownlee Saturday, and saw eight roosters and twice as many hens. Might be worth a try for the Pheasant opener. Also, got into some quail, which held much better then those Chukar. Ladd Marsh is a very well managed area and was surprised how much the ODFW has put into it. There were some hunters out there but it was not overly crowded. Although, that could change for the Pheasant opener. Also, I hunted at Irragon, spelling?, last year and got some Pheasant and Quail. The ODFW puts out Pheasants to supplement the population for the opener. This might be worth some effort. A friend of mine hunted Murders Creek last year and got into some Quail but the cover is really heavy. Any Quail hunting areas would be very helpful, Thanks.
Did n't anybody hunt the Pheasant opener this weekend? Lets hear some reports! Well here is mine, hunted in the Biggs area saw a few Roosters on private land and one covey of quail on the way out, but for the most part it was pretty slow. Still wanting to hear of some Quail hunting areas.
I went down to hay,wa. last weeknd and got five birds. There were some deer hunters ahead of me that did not have permission to hunt there. there is not as many birds as I thought, I saw about 30 quail and no chucker. I can,t go this weeknd because I have to go to dad,s weeknd at WSU.

I hunted the Crooked River National Grasslands and only saw one snipe, no Quail. Although, I did see two Rattle Snakes in these 4-6" PVC tubes in the ground by a water collection bin. Not sure what these tubes where for in the ground, they where about 8-12" long and burried. Anyway, I think there is some birds over there it is a pretty big area, and it's just a matter of finding them. It more then likely gets pretty well pounded by hunters.
well the s.w. has been pretty dry i haven't heard any good news got the old 12 ***** oiled up and ready to go where are the birds yawl... It's cold and nasty what do the birds do now go to palm beach???
hello guess were all waiting for bird season 8)
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