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What is a replacement wad for the Remington RXP 12 and the R12L? What is the difference of a Rem tgt 12 vrs figure 8. They look the same to me. Except one is white and the other is green.
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01lariat said:
What is a replacement wad for the Remington RXP 12 and the R12L?
Are you sure those have been cloned?

01lariat said:
What is the difference of a Rem tgt 12 vrs figure 8. They look the same to me. Except one is white and the other is green.
The TGT-12 is a 1oz wad, the Fig 8 is for 1 1/8oz. If you look at them side-by-side you'll see the difference in cushion-section height and different shotcup heights. See the clones here:
Most of these older Remington wads have never been cloned, simply because they were basically designed for hunting loads, rather than target loads, whatever that means.

They consisted of several different wads, of which here are a few. Hunting wads were designated as R12L, R12H, RP12, and SP12. These wads were of various heights and were used as dictated by the bulkiness if the powder being used and the shot payload. Therefore these wads were often used with differing payloads and not necessarily only associated with one specific payload. However the R12L was considered a 1 oz wad, the R12H a 1-1/8 oz. wad, and the RP 12 and SP 12 were considered 1-1/4 oz wads. These wads are still available at around $130 per case.

The RXP 12 is still available, but is generally replaced by the Fig-8 wad for 1-1/8 oz. target loads, and the TGT-12 is the 1 oz. target wad. Both the Fig-8 and TGT-12 have been cloned and are are almost universally used by Remington for target loads, and now today, for many hunting loads also.

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The TGT12 and the figure 8 wads both say they are for 1oz or 1 1/8oz loads on there package. THe reason I asked.
This again is Remington's age old habit of using wad height to adjust their loads for the use of bulky or dense powders in a particular load.

If they use a very dense powder in a 1-1/8 oz load, such as they do in some of their Nitro 27 loads, they use the taller TGT wad to add volume to the component height to obtain proper crimps.

Or if using a very bulky powder in a 1 oz. load, they may use the Fig-8 wad in order to make the shot load fit correctly, and provide for proper crimps.

In some cases, this tends to leave the top layer of shot exposed to barrel scrub, but none-the-less, that's what they do. Using the TGT wad in a 1-1/8 oz load, will guarantee that some of the shot will not be protected.

Basically, I wouldn't get too caught up in this wad scenario. You will almost undoubtedly use the popular Hodgdon or Alliant powders, and use tested and approved book load data for reloading. In most cases, the data shown for these loads will be very compatable, and you won't have a problem if you follow that data.

In the real world, you probably won't use the Remington, (or Winchester), wads in the first place. This is for several reasons and price is one of them. Like most cost wise reloaders, the use or the Down Range wad line, or the Duster brand of wads will provide you with compatable wads for every conceivable situation you may have, and do it at a savings in dollars.

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Just want to ask a related question. Someone gave me a700-800 rem fig 8 wad a while back. Just wondering if I could treat them like a target12 wad & load them in 1 oz with clays powder? many thanks in advance.

I certainly didn't mean to imply that it was a poor question! The relationship of the TGT-12 to the Fig 8 is completely analogous to the WAA12SL to the WAA12. Ie. both are basically the same wad, but with different cushion and shotcup sizes to accomodate the different components. (I'm sure you've seen 1oz data for the WAA12 and even 1 1/8oz for WAA12SL depending on other components used--same idea).

Click that link and see them side-by-side and you'll see the minor differences.
I can look at them in person just down the road in the store. Granted in the bag, but them differences must be really close. I get what you mean that one is meant for 1 1/8oz and the other for 1oz, but I guess I'd have to break out the micrometer to see the difference. My naked eye isn't that good I guess.

Sure you can use them that way. If I were doing it, I would use AA HS cases, as these cases have a tad less capacity than the Remingtons. Then use the Fig. 8 wads. Seat them with almost no wad pressure, only enough to insure they are down on the powder. Your 1 oz. of shot should then fill the case to near the proper level. Might have to raise the crimp punch a tad if the crimps tend to dish in too far.


PS: If you have any problems with this, feel free to PM me and I'll experiment with it a bit to work out any problems.
Thanks DL for the reply and advice.
I loaded 50 hs hulls tonight with the figure 8 and a 1 ozload.
Everything worked good.many thanks
I have used the 7/8 oz Lightening wad in Gun Club hulls with Red Dot powder, a published recipe. Nice load with moderate recoil
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