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I am new to reloading and this my be a silly question but here goes. I have changed wadding (due to local availability) from claybuster windjammer to winchester white wad WAA12 and was wondering if it is manditory for me to change the amount of powder. Thanks for any input!!

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I dont think you can go wrong with the Waa12 wads, although they may cost a little more.

As far as powder charge goes, I would look for a recipe in the reloading manual for your components, primer, hull etc. etc. using the Waa12 wad. I would not use your old recipe when using a new component, even if it is the wad. There are lots of loads available using the Waa12 wad, so there is no point in taking a chance. Any single component, being changed can make differences in pressures, and safety dictates that you use a specific recipe for the components you have.

Hope this helps :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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